Cultural Committee 2014-15


  1. Keerthi Nadorum stood 1st in Natyam at Visions, SIES(Sion)
  2. Siddhesh stood 2nd in Mock Stock at Visions, SIES(Sion)
  3. Praveen Sonavane & Group stood 1st in Contest To Be The Best at Ekayan, ITM Kharghar
  4. Pratik Karkera & Group stood 1st in Relay at Enigma, R.A.Poddar
  5. Zaid Perzade stood 3rd in Fifa at Enigma, R.A.Poddar
  6. Vinayak Talwar stood 3rd in Hercules event at Enigma, R.A.Poddar
  7. Avinash Shetty & Group stood 3rs in Volley Ball at Conconance, D.Y.Patil (Belapur)
  8. Pawan & Group stood 3rd in Badminton at Consonance, D.Y.Patil (Belapur)
  9. Priyanka Hariharan stood 2nd in Solo Singing at Consonance, D.Y.Patil (Belapur)
  10. Pratik Karkera stood 1st in Relay at Entourage, Jai Hind
  11. Yashaswini Shetty stood 1st in Relay (Girls) at Entourage, Jai Hind
  12. Yashaswini Shetty stood 1st in Relay (Girls) at Entourage, Jai Hind
  13. Nirav karkera stood 1st in Debate at Vibes, K.J.Somaiyya
  14. Eric & Group stood 1st in Quiz at Shikhar, Bharti Vidyapeeth



The cultural committee organized a talent hunt 'TALENTIA' in a 3 day span-10th,11th and 13th of July 2015 It conducted various events ranging from literary arts,fine arts to performing arts for the students to showcase their talents.

Literary arts consisted of various activities like debates, quiz,extempore,essay writing which were conducted on 10th of July 2015

Day 2 i.e the 11th of July witnessed a lot of participation for fine arts which included fashion designing,sketching,doodling,face painting,nail art,tattoo making,mehendi,painting,shirt painting and best out of waste. It helped to portray the creative side of the participants. Day 2 also witnessed solo dance. As expected there was a huge participation from the students of the college.

On the 3rd day i.e13th of July 2015 the committee hosted various activities all related to performing arts which included solo singing duet singing,duet dance,theatre,beat boxing,mimicry,stand up comedy. A lot of students participated to showcase there talents. The whole objective of talentia was to encourage the students and to provide them with a platform to show what they are really good at, which was achieved.