Kalasadhana and Hindi Parishad Orientation 2017

The Kalasadhana & Hindi Parishad came up with its inaugural event of the year, ‘Orientation’ on the 12th of August, 2017, Saturday. Over 50 teachers were formally invited for the event including the Principal and the Vice Principal of the college.

The creative’s team had done an admirable job by making posters and other pleasing to the eye articles in order to embellish the AV room.  The students had prearranged diverse amusing performances for the spectators like a prayer song, welcome dance etc. The previous heads pompously esteemed the new heads and pinned them with their new badges after which the head and co – head distributed the rest of the badges to the other core heads and the volunteers.

The event was privileged with the being there of a mime artist, Mr. Avijit Some, who was the Chief Guest for the occasion. He showcased his exceptional talent by showing some mime acts to the audiences and entertained them with his funny act. But, this was just the first part of an awe-inspiring event, the next session the day consisted of the mime workshop of our chief guest and his team. He at the outset introduced his team mates and explained about this mime theatre i.e. GESTURE MIME THEATRE. The workshop was conducted in two sessions. The first one started at 11.30 am and ended at 1.30 pm. whereas the second session started at 2.00 pm and extended up to 4.30. The whole workshop was filled up enthusiasm of the students and the mime artists. They made the students to do mime acts along with them and also entertained the whole group of students with their funny gestures. They taught the students how to enact different situations through mime and how can it be done in an entertaining way. Lastly in each session the mime group divided the students into different groups and made them to showcase mime on different situations or the topic that they gave to the students. Finally we can say that, the mime workshop was the was the cherry upon the cake for the orientation program which helped the students to understand about such an splendid act form and made the entire orientation program a grand success.