Staff Academy Reports

Report for Wellness session "Wellness is a state of emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual well-being, that enables people to reach and maintain their personal potential in their communities."

Wellness is about:

  • The promotion of healthy lifestyles;
  • The prevention of illness;
  • Encouraging New Brunswickers of all ages to take responsibility for preserving their health and making healthy choices; and
  • Providing services that assist individuals and communities to improve their health. There is strong and growing evidence that many factors, in addition to health care, contribute to wellness. These factors are called the determinants of health, and they include:
  • Income and social status
  • Social support networks
  • Education
  • Employment and working conditions
  • Physical environments
  • Biology and genetic endowment
  • Personal health practices and coping skills
  • Healthy child development
  • Health services
  • Gender

Social capital, poverty, resiliency, and literacy are other complementary factors that have a strong influence on health and wellness. Individuals, families, communities, government, and the private sector all have roles and responsibilities in helping New Brunswickers to stay healthy. More importantly, we need to work together to ensure that future generations of New Brunswickers enjoy the benefits of wellness. Wellness is everyone's responsibility!