BFM RALLY 2016-17


Date: December 3rd, 2016

Venue: SIES (Nerul) College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Navi Mumbai.

Disability? Lack of limbs? Lesser thing to worry about, the differently abled might say. 3rd December, is celebrated worldwide as the International Day of Disabled Persons. This was started by the UN in 1992 as a measure to motivate them and also to create a better and friendly society for them. The theme decided for 2016 states ‘Achieving 17 Sustainable Development Goals for the Future We Want.’

All the reforms that take place starts at a grass root level. A society where a person who is handicapped is looked at with sympathy and pity, and not empathy and compassion has to be changed. What better place to start such an act of altruism than a College.

This year the students of SIES (Nerul) College of Arts, Science and Commerce became a part of this celebration with extreme dedication, and the natural youthful exuberance the students have. The motto of the event was ‘Taking an Initiative to Organize, Celebrate, and Take Efforts in Creating an Inclusive Society.’ Organizing department of the event was B.Com. (Financial Markets) and B.Com.(Banking & Insurance). The guidance required for organizing the event was provided by the Principal Ms. KoelRoyChoudhury. The organizing committee was divided into two; into group of teachers and students. Core Faculty included Ms. Priyanka dukhande (Co-ordinator BFM/ Head), Ms. LataLokhande (Co-ordinator BBI/ Head), Ms. Bhumika More, Ms. BabitaKakkar, and Mr. R. Perumal. The Core Student Heads were Ms. VaishaliPatil (BFM), Ms. Komal V. (BFM), Ms. Asha B. (BBI), Ms. Shraddha K (BBI), and Ms. PranaliPatil (BBI).The event organized included a rally and an educative and captivating skit. The preparations started with making of various charts, pamphlets, banners and posters and with rehearsals of the play.

The event started with the reveal of a banner by the Principal of the college. It started around 10am where all the students came together from various streams dressed in orange, blue, and white. They started the rally from the college holding high the banner which stated ‘Break Barriers, Open Doors; an Inclusive Society for All.’ Teachers, students and various other volunteers were a part of this rally. They walked from the premises of the college to Nerul Railway Station where the students performed their skit. Then it continued its journey back taking a different route passing ShaneshwarMandir and SBI Colony with an intention of covering more places and spreading more awareness. The rally covered a distance of 4 kilometers. All the way the students in unison kept on chanting slogans like ‘ViklaangVikalaangNaiHote’ and ‘We Don’t Need Sympathy, We Need Support’ amidst the inveterate cacophony of the city. The rally concluded at the college by 12pm.The participants of the rally included 520 Students, 35 Teachers, and 15 Non-Teaching Staff Members.

The skit performed,lay bare in front of the on-lookers the various achievements of disabled people worldwide. The students flaunted how the specially challenged people faced all the challenges head on and came out not just as survivors but as legends. Many pamphlets were given away to various bystanders. The handout not only included the occasion and its description but also a small instruction on how to mingle with a specially challenged person eliminating any kind of awkwardness.

This event was possible under the competent and expert scrutiny and guidance of Principal Ms. KoelRoyChoudhury

This act which has the potential of triggering new thoughts and actions will help not only help the disabled but also will be the beginning of a new society; a society where people will be defined by their achievements and not their imperfections and deformities. A society filled not with virulent vermin and bullies but with sensible and clear minded people having affinity and compassion towards the lesser fortunate and specially gifted ones.