Bridge Course Report 2016-17

The Bridge Course was taken for first year students (all courses). The students identified for the same were those who did not have a previous background and (or) found the subject difficult to comprehend. The objective was to give them some extra attention such that they can cope up and be at par with the other students of the class. Students are made aware of the basics of the following subjects:

  1. Accounts and Economics (Non-Commerce students)
  2. Mathematics (Students who have not opted for mathematics in XII)
  3. English (Students from vernacular medium)

Following was the course of action taken to fulfill the objective of the bridge course:

  1. Permission taken from the principal for the conduct of bridge course.
  2. Meeting with faculties members for planning and implementation.
  3. Revise the current Bridge course to make it even better: (a) Duration of bridge course should be increased to 10 days instead of 7 days (previously) to provide sufficient time for teaching and improve their result. (b) Economics as the additional subject in bridge course.
  4. The students from the first year (all courses) were identified for the Bridge Course.
  5. To frame the effective timetable to plan bridge course in scheduled manner.
  6. Conduct of bridge course.

The bridge course was in two schedules of 10 days each:

I. Schedule I – 27th July to 8th August 2016, wherein bridge course in the subject of Accountancy, English and Mathematics subjects will run simultaneously.

II. Schedule II – 09th to 22nd August 2016, wherein bridge course in the subject of Economics will be conducted.

The classroom allocation for the Bridge Course was decided upon: Room No. 10 & 07 for Accountancy, Economics and Mathematics, and Media Room for English.

The faculty members have successfully completed the bridge course. There was slight change in schedule due to the availability of rooms in some subjects. Bridge course in the institute was welcomed with a positive note by all the students and thus Bridge course objectives are satisfied.