English Literary Association

A Report of Creative Writing Competition - 8th January 2017

English literary association organized a Creative Writing Competition on 7th January 2017 in Room no 10 from 11am-1pm.There were 20 participants.

The competition had two rounds. First round was story writing. The participants were given 4 pictures on the basis of which they used their creative and write story. Second round was a tagline round. The participants were given 4 products they made 2 tagline for 2 products of their choice.

For the first round participants were given 40 min and for second round 25 min respectively.

The event was judged by lata ma’am and ashwathy ma’am .The story were judged on creativity and linguistics skills of the participants

The participants used their creativity and wrote interesting stories and tagline. Environment was very energetic and participants enjoyed it too. The Ela team decided to declare the results in their last event of the year.


Report on Creative Writing Competition - 13th January 2017

Vivekananda Mission conductedan Inter College Group Presentation Competition on 12 th January from 11.30- 1.00p.m at (SIESCOMS Auditorium) on the occasion of 'YOUTH DAY', the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. ELA team represented the degree college of sies nerul. The team members were:-

  • Samah Rumani
  • Rizwanakandekari
  • Shijoy john
  • Parulbartia

The topic of the presentation selected by the Ela team was Role of youth in national progress. There were total 8 groups and Ela group was the youngest group of the decorum Ela members though did not win the competition but they learn a lot from it.


A Report on Pitch Perfect

The ELA conducted singing competition called Pitch Perfect on the 19TH of August 2016 in the Audio Visual Room. Prof. Priyadarshini Poddar, Prof. Ashwathy Ravindran, and Prof. Mithun Pillai judged the event. There were a total of twenty three solo singers, four participants for duet singing two groups for group singing.

The event started with an induction ceremony where all the members and the Secretary, Joint Secretary were given Badges. . Secretary and Joint Secretary along with Prof. Priyadarshini Poddar, Prof. Ashwathy Ravindran went to Principal Koel RoyChoudary and presented her ELA badge.

The first event was Solo Singing where Samuel, Aishwariya Krishan, and Prakriti bagged the first second and the third prize. The second event, which was the Duet Singing was won by Samuel and Jennifer.. The third and final event was the Group Singing where Shijoy and Group won the first prize.

The audience was very enthusiastic and cheered the participants on continuously throughout the event. The audience was indulged in small games and songs through the event.

The Vote of thanks was presented by Prof Ashwathy Ravindran and Prof. Priyadarshini Poddar. The event thus ended successfully.