NSS and Disaster Management

Report on First Aid Seminar

Day/Date: Tuesday/ Venue: AV ROOM Timing: 12:00 pm to 01:00 pm Speaker (Faculties): Ms. Sreeja Nair (trained in First Aid, FAITH Institution) Ms. Priyanka Dukhande (trained in First Aid, FAITH Institution)

The Disaster Management Committee of the college had organized a seminar on “First Aid Awareness” for all the students and NSS volunteers in the college with a purpose of calm and quick action to be taken in case of any medical emergencies in the college or in locality.

It was a power-point presentation where the speaker’s highlighted about different types of emergencies and there remedial plan. They have discussed on the following points in details,

  1. First Aid – Aims, Areas, Qualities, and Responsibilities
  2. Observing the patient – ABC (Airway Open, Breathing and Circulation) technique
  3. Shock – Meaning, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
  4. Bleeding & Wounds – Treatment
  5. Fractures and Splints – Symptoms, Treatment.
  6. Burns – Types and Treatment
  7. Poisoning – Treatment

The overall program was conducted very informative and also practical exposures related to fractures and Splint was given by the faculties.


Report on Evacuation (Mock) Frill Drill

Day/Date: Friday/ 16th September 2016 Venue: SIES (Nerul) College of Arts, Science and Commerce Timing: 02:30-03:00 pm

The Disaster Management Committee of the college had conducted the Emergency Fire (Mock) Evacuation Drill with a purpose, to establish procedure and duties, to promote planning and to establish staff and students training for fire, earthquake, bomb threats and other emergency evacuation.

  1. Observer : Ms. Koel roy Choudhury (Principal I/c)
  2. Conducted by: Mr. Sandeep Jadhav (Estate Manager)
  3. Faculty In-charge: Ms. Priyanka Dukhande (Convenor, DMC) Ms. Rupali Zele (Co-covenor, DMC)
  4. Other Faculty: Ms. Sreeja Nair (Co-convenor NSS) Mr. Ashish Shukla (Member, NSS) Ms. Varsha Pradhan (Member, NSS)
  5. Student In-charge: Mr. Siddhart Chawate (Student Head, DMC) Mr. Arun Konar (Student Head, NSS) Ms. Karishma (Student Head, NSS)
  6. No. of DMC Volunteers: 40 students (30 DMC + 10 NSS Volunteers)
  7. Other Participants: Security person and cleaning staff

The drill was targeted to the afternoon batches students. The courses targeted were Degree College: BMS, BMM, BSc. IT, MSc. IT, MSC EVS and Junior College. The drill started with an activation of the alarm and simultaneous announcement in the PA System. The alarm was activated by Mr. Ashish Shukla (Faculty) and the announcements were done by Ms. Sreeja Nair (Faculty). The respected volunteers and the faculties (Ms. Priyanka D, Ms. Rupali Z, Ms. Varsha P) took their position and started the evacuation process. There was simultaneous evacuation of all the floors (Class-rooms, Office, Washroom, Labs, and Library). All the students, teaching and Non-teaching staff was gathered in the common assembly area. The building got evacuated within 6 minutes times.

It was ended by the grooming and motivational speech given by Mr. SV Vishwanathan (Hon. Sec) and Ms. Koel RoyChoudhry (Principal I/c) to the Volunteers.