Amongst all the activities in the college, the day that is most awaited by the college students, but more by the 'alumni' of the college, is the 'Graduation Day'! The fun filled day that instills a feeling of pride within every alumnus and allows them make the most of their day, making memories for life time! The SIESNAA committee of SIES (Nerul) College of Arts, Science and Commerce organised this most coveted day for the batch of graduates from the academic year 2014-15, on 23rd January 2016.

The registrations for this grand day began two weeks before the d-day. As high as 416 graduates, from the batch of 2014-15, registered themselves for convocation ceremony.

The day started at around 2pm in the afternoon. Different streams were allotted different timings, and the alumni started pouring in accordingly. After confirming their registrations yet again, they reported in the respective classes, where they were given the robes that every graduate is supposed to proudly donne oneself with! What followed was the certificate and memento distribution ceremony within the class, at the hands of their own faculty and coordinators at the college.

A whole different ceremony was planned for the felicitation of the toppers from all the 12 courses of college (4 post graduates and 8 under graduates courses). SIES has had alumni who have not just passed out with flying colours, but made a mark of themselves right at the university, securing ranks at the university level in MSC EVS course! All the college toppers were hence felicitated at the hands of the revered principal Prof. Dr. Rita Basu and the honourable chief guest for the evening, Prof. Dr. R. Gopal, Director and Head of the Department, DY Patil University, School of Management.The procession of all the toppers, led by the chief guest and the principal at the beginning of the ceremony was one that no one wanted to miss! The ceremony began at sharp 4pm in the quadrangle of the college, for which, the presence of the proud parents of the alumni were also welcome.

Thereafter, every class had a separate group photo of theirs on the bleachers placed by the SIESNAA committee itself in the quadrangle of the college. They had to take a 'special' oath meant for the occasion, followed which at the count of three, all the proud graduates flung their graduate-hats high in the air, and the smiling faces were clicked!

Before returning the robes, the graduates made sure they had innumerable clicks of themselves in the avatar! At around 6pm in the evening, the DJ night for the alumni began. The canteen area was thronged by all the pretty and handsome graduates who grooved for hours together, non-stop! The day marked its end with a sumptuous dinner, following which, the alumni called it a day, bidding adieu to each other.

'I may walk out of SIES, but SIES can never walk out of me' were the words etched forever in their hearts!