Guru Poornima 2016


Kalasadhana & Hindi Parishad

Guru Poornima

The Kalasadhana & Hindi Parishad came up with its first event of the year, ‘Guru Poornima’ on the 21st of July, 2016, Thursday. Over 50 teachers were formally invited for the event including the Principal and the Vice Principal of the college.

The creative’s team had done an excellent job by making handmade bookmarks to be presented to the teachers along with a small plant that was also given. The students had organized various entertaining performances for the spectators like a prayer song, welcome dance, orchestra by the Junior College students, Tridhara etc.

The event was honoured with the presence of a flute player, Mr. Salim, who was the Chief Guest for the event. He showcased his excellent talents by playing his lovely flute on famous Bollywood songs.

The former heads proudly appreciated the new heads and pinned them with their new badges after which the head and co – head distributed the rest of the badges to the other core heads and the volunteers. At the fag end of the event, all the spectators present, the volunteers etc all rose to sing the National Anthem which marked the end of the program.