The NSS Committee, Student Council and the Cultural Committee in cooperation with each other put up an amazing and marvelous celebration to observe the 71st Independence of India. 15th August, 1947 was the day which was etched in the minds and hearts of all the Indians towards their martyrs who made the country’s independence possible and till date, every year the committees of SIES College actively take part in organizing it.

The college began the celebrations by receiving the Chief Guest for the day, Commander, Rajiv K Gupta, who along with the Principal of the college hoisted the flag by unfurling the tricolored national flag. The students and the staff present, paid tribute by singing the national anthem in chorus which charged up the atmosphere with patriotic spirit amongst everyone followed by a small speech delivered by the Chief Guest.  The cultural committee had done an incredible task of organizing events for the day.

A short and sweet classical dance was performed by a BCOM student whose light movements made the dance an enjoyable one. The girl concluded with a classical posture which gained her a huge applause. Nextly a NSS volunteer came up to the podium to deliver a patriotic speech in Hindi and spoke about how India was once a ‘Sone ki Chidiya’ (Golden Bird) to the current situation where everyone holds great pride and contempt in calling themselves Indians. Following this another beautiful dance was brought forward by 3 girls who also greatly managed to hold the spectators attention fully on their performance. The trio had taken up the famous breathless song of Shankar Mahadevan and indeed made their performance a breathless one and earned lots of thunderclaps. Blowing in the direction of the events, the next on stage performance was yet another speech delivered by a girl in English. The girl emphasized on the fact that it was our leaders’ constant struggles and difficulties that has paved way for a self standing India today.

After this a power pact band performance was put up by the students consisting of 4 singers, 2 guitarists and 1 percussionist. The students so beautifully sang the songs that everyone plunged into an ocean of melody and sang along with them. Everyone hugely appreciated their efforts. Nextly the N.S.S students dramatized a patriotic skit showing how brave soldiers in the border lost their lives in the process of saving the nation. The skit was concluded with the near and dears of the martyrs feeling proud for the sacrifice they made. Following this, the chief guest came up to the stage and delivered a speech to the students motivating them to understand the sacrifices made by our great warriors and to take every possible measure in upholding our pride and heritage.

The event was then concluded with the Principal also delivering a short and sweet speech. The students were provided with refreshments following which the crowd dispersed.