M. COM Report


MCOM course began with the lectures of part 2 from July 2016 and part 1 in August 2016.

  • The first activity to be conducted by the department was the orientation programme for mcom part1 on 16th August. Students of part2 prepared PowerPoint presentation to inform the students about the course content and various activities of the college.

The next programme that was conducted was the NET/SET workshop for the students on 16th October 2016. The resource person was Dr. Dinesh Nivruvttinavale from Dept of Chemistry, Vivekanand education Society of Arts, Science and Commerce. Dr. Dinesh spoke about the pattern of the NET/SET exam and also gave examples from Paper 1 of the NET/SET exam.

Following guest lectures were organised for the part 1 students

a) Strategic Management: Dr. Seema Somani on 4th Nov, 2016

b) Business Ethics: Mrs. Minakshi Venkatesh on 9th Nov, 2016

SPSS workshop was conducted for the students of MCOM part2 on 12th December by Dr. Ranjeet from SIESCOMS. During the two hour workshop, students were taught the basics of SPSS and its application for research methodology.