The 8th of July was marked as a memorable day in the life of every SIES Bsc.Computer Science freshers .The orientation day was a day was filled with excitement, joy, music , enthusiasm ,laughter , happiness .The Dress code for the Orientation day was 'Dress your Best Formals '.

The program started with a welcome dance by the second year students. This was followed by felicitation of the faculty members.

Ms.Padmaleela Damaraju ,Coordinator of the Computer Science department congratulated and welcomed the students. She also informed them about some of the positives changes in the curriculum by University of Mumbai.

The anti-ragging video was played to inform the first years that ragging is a cognizable offense. Next there was a power point presentation about the college The presentation had information about the syllabus of first year ,the examination rules ,the various committees and clubs in the college etc.

The second half of the program depicted the young talent in the department . The second year students entertained the gathering with songs and dances. Not the ones to be left-behind , the third year students entertained the audience with various performance like singing , dancing and games.

Then it was the turn of the first years. Some of them were invited to showcase their talent. Miss.Saipriya danced and Mr.Saurabh sang a melodious song and were selected as Miss &Mr.Fresher of Computer Science department accordingly.

The students and the faculty had a great time . This year the department had planned everything in a very unique way, well in advance , which was evident in the way the program was conducted. All in all, the orientation was a great ice breaker for the students of all the three years and helped in building a great rapport between them. The program concluded with vote of thanks by the comperers of the morning MsTejal and Mr.Amir,second year Computer Science .The program concluded with the singing of the National Anthem.

BCOM Orientation Programme – 08th July 2016

The Orientation Programme organized by the Department of B.Com on the 8th of July 2016 in the Audio/Visual Room was undoubtedly a remarkable curtain raiser event for the First Year students of the Academic Year 2016 -17. In addition to the customary welcome, the Orientation Programme served to reflect and testify the essence of the college and its merits through a meticulously designed schedule for the day.

The inaugural segment of the Orientation Programme which started at 09:00AM included the traditional invocation of Goddess Saraswati with the lighting of a lamp by the teaching faculty of the B.Com Department in conjunction with a devotional song by a Second Year B.Com student. Thereafter, the Welcome Address was rendered by Prof. Sugandha Jha, the Coordinator of B.Com Department marking the end of the opening ceremony.

The second section of the Orientation Programme combined entertainment and information much to the interest of the young target audience. This phase of the programme began with an enchanting classical dance performance by the students of Second Year B.Com, and then ventured into a power-point presentation by students informing the addressees about South Indian Education Society, its academic accomplishments and social commitments. Further, the presentation familiarized the students with the college campus, its strictures, and other yearly activities emphasising on both the academic and non-academic nourishment provided by the college. Next in sequence to the Departmental Presentation were a couple of group performances by the students namely a short play and a dance. Finally, a screening of an Anti-ragging video followed by a brief talk on the college policies regarding ragging and sexual harassment on campus by Prof. Vasanti Rajadhyaksha Co-Convenor, , Anti-ragging & Discipline Committee exemplified the level of discipline and safety adhered to by the college. With this, the Orientation Programme reached its closure having successfully acquainted the First year students with the College in its entirety.

Conclusively, it may well be said that the Orientation Programme in its agenda and outcome reinstated the commitment of the institution and B.Com Department to a pupils all round development. In the words of the Greek Philosopher Horace, it closed with a thought for the students, encouraging them to “Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise”!


BMM Orientation Report

To welcome the fresh faces of mass media, the students of SYBMM put up a warm and well coordinated orientation on July 9, 2016 in the SIESCOM Auditorium.

The newly admitted FYBMM students were initially allowed to settle in Room no. 5 where few Sys interacted with them and made them feel comfortable. Later they were guided to the SIESCOM Auditorium. The orientation began with lamp lighting and a speech by Dr. Prof. Priyadarshini Poddar, the Course Co-ordinator of BMM. Students were made aware of the anti-ragging ambience of the college followed by a video. Moving ahead, FYs were told about the college and its achievements and were introduced to the department’s core faculties. It was most exciting when they saw happiness saturating during the college and department fest announcement. The orientation concluded with listing down the code of conduct to be followed in the college premise and notifying the juniors about the upcoming event- Polaris and the scheduled lectures. The orientation program was also graced by the presence of the First Year Student’s parents and was well appreciated by them.



The students of SY-BAF held an Orientation Programme for the freshers coming into the college. The event was conducted on Saturday, the 9th of July, 2016 in the AV room at 11:30. Parents of some of the students were also present on the occasion.

The programme began with the auspicious lighting of the lamp by our esteemed faculty, B.Indumathi ma’am, Dr.Priyanka Mohan ma’am and Rajalakshmi ma’am. This was followed by a mesmerizing bharatnatyam performance which invoked the blessings of the Gods.

The students were then given a gist about the college, the various courses on offer and the code of conduct. There was also a video tour which showcased the landscape of our college in a picturesque manner.

In a well hosted session, the freshers were informed about the capable faculty and the various exciting committees in the college. To keep the event lively, the students had put up a melodious music performance and an energetic and enthralling dance performance.

To keep the fun element intact, a crossword was arranged by Indumathi ma’am which brought forward great reactions from the audience.

The toppers were felicitated with roses for their academic excellence. Our honorable faculty shared a few words of wisdom with the newcomers. The event concluded with a well worded vote of thanks.

The event was a success because of great participation and commitment which resulted in a strong bonding among all the students.



The BSc (IT) Department of SIES(Nerul) College of Arts, Science and Commerce organized an Orientation for First Year students.

The orientation was held in the AV Room of college which started at 12.30pm and was concluded at 2.30pm. Students of upcoming batch of First Year IT looked equally excited to become a part of SIES. The event started with lighting of lamp by the HOD Prof. Anu Thomas along with other faculty members of the IT department. This was followed by a prayer song by the Second Year Students. An overview of SIES college was shown through a PowerPoint Slide along with other fine details regarding rules, code of conduct, syllabus, etc.

The HOD Prof. Anu Thomas spoke few words of encouragement for the new comers and welcomed them to the SIES family. A short film made by Second Year student, Ajay Todkar was played which was a compilation of the lives of students, various events, fests, days and fun at SIES. The anti-ragging video too was played which cleared any question regarding ragging inside campus.

The students of Second Year and Third Year performed well, be it singing or dancing or managing the event and gave a warm welcome to the fresh batch students. The event ended on a good note with a Vote of Thanks presented by a third year student. The event on a whole was a success which brought enthusiasm and cheers on the faces of newcomers.



South Indian Education Society (S.I.E.S) College of Arts, Science and Commerce organized an orientation programme for the newly enrolled First Year BFM students at the institute premises (Audio-Visual Room) on 9th July 2016 between 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. The major objective of the programme was to make the students aware of the academic aspects of the course, rules and regulations of the Institute and ensuring parental participation in monitoring the performance and progress of the students.

The programme commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the faculty members and 2 of the students ( Subradal Ray and MS Lalitha) of BFM, immediately followed by the PowerPoint presentation which inculcated the brief explanation about the college, course, rules and regulation, activities and festivals of both college and course. The programme was hosted by the students of SYBFM, Shobit Mathur and Roshni. There was also an anti-ragging video played in the orientation, which directed the principal message, anti-ragging committee convenor message to the students.

This was later followed by an entertainment portion comprising of dance, musical (table performance) and games. The entire session was concluded by the speech of Co-ordinator Priyanka Dukhande and faculty member Babita Kakkar where they stressed the importance of financial markets, importance of course, attendance.



On 9st July, 2016, BCOM Banking and Insurance course of SIES College of Arts, science and commerce (Nerul) had organised an orientation for the freshers i.e. first year students of 2016-2017 batch in the college auditorium at 9AM. The orientation was organised by second and third year students of the banking and insurance department. Orientation was lightened up with the presence of faculties and ex-students as well.

Soon after the first year students settled down at their seats and faculties of the department arrived, orientation program commenced. Firstly, the faculties were called upon to light the lamp, which was accompanied by a prayer song sung by second year and third year students in the background. After the prayer song a group of second year students performed a beautiful Folk-dance. It was followed by a PowerPoint presented by second and third year students together. Presentation was for introducing the rules and regulations of the college and other facilities provided by it to the newcomers. The first year students were given a brief introduction about their subjects and the departments of the college and the various platforms for students to show their talent (fests, competition, committees, etc.). The presentation also highlighted the achievements of Banking and Insurance department.

After an introduction to the college and department, the first year students were again taken in a mesmerizing world in the form of lovely skit whose moral was “Wearing Helmet is a Must While Driving!”, followed by a quiz and then a dazzling Bollywood dance by a trio of third year girls. This was not it. The second year and third year students won everyone’s heart by a creative stand-up comedy on DO’s and DON’Ts in college

Orientation was summed up by words said by ex-students of Banking & Insurance department and faculties as well. Orientation was a great success. B&I family wishes for more successful orientations in the years to come.