DATE: 17th December 2016

Venue: College Campus

Objective: An initiative and selfless gesture taken up by students of BMS to provide , The job seekers an opportunity to interact with many employees of different organizations and give them a chance to meet in person and learn the work culture before they get a job

“I have been in search of good job opportunities, wandering across Offices and sending countless emails for over an year in vain, being really upset with rejection of the resumes itself, but this initiative was a huge relief for me as I not only learned about the interview processes but also am being placed in a really reputed corporate firm”. This was what Ruchita Panikar had to say returning from the “Recruitment Drive” initiative conducted at SIES college of Arts Science and Commerce Nerul on the 17th of December 2016 by the students of the BMS department for not only to promote “SharpShooters” their departmental fest but also to fulfill their obligations and aspirations for the society. Over 1000 aspirants from across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai out of which around 80% of the candidates were selected for the final round in all the companies, of which the majority were final year degree students and a number of graduates had turned up to face the interviews conducted by over 10 companies of which some where the Mumbai Rozgaar, CADD Center, IDBI Bank, Coppergate, KrownMedia, Sakaal Media, Life Art Pixels, Eminent Minds,Criscita Multiservice at the college premises. Special Arrangements were made to seat the candidates and also for the interviews to be taken without any disturbances. The day passed through with the candidates having signed up for multiple interviews and anxiously preparing for each which speckled across marketing, FMCG, Banking ,Airlines ,Media, BPOs, Finance sectors and the process dexterously managed by the students of the BMS department. "This initiative has helped us explore the actual potential and the wit of students and aspirants in the city and honestly , this is the best and most skilled lot that we have gone through for quiet some time” said a representative of Mumbai Rozgaar. The companies were of utmost delight to see the students of the college being equipped with ample add on courses to bolster them to prepare and be compatible to the fast phased Arena.

The Recruitment drive had commenced at 10 in the morning with companies arriving earlier in order to set up their base and the candidates arriving thereafter. The common sight of nervousness and confusion on the qualifications required, job profile and first time interviews could be seen in the Campus. Some of the lazy lots were seen running in search of stationary shops for urgent Printouts of Resumes and photos. The event closed to an end with the companies winding up with the satisfaction of getting more than what they had asked for and the candidates dispersing with much more confidence and having a better and astute outlook towards their career prospects.

This initiative showcases a glimpse of the advanced mind thoughts of the youth of today and their realization of the need of the hour to spread the awareness of career planning and skill acquisition among graduates and college students who are more prone to let go of the precious time available to them. The initiative taken by students themselves and their selfless gesture to their peers is to be appreciated and be of inspiration to all of us.