Innovision 2.0

INNOVISION 2.0 is a one-day inter-collegiate technical festival organized by Department of MSc (IT) and (CS) of SIES college, NERUL which was held on 31st January '15

INNOVISION - Innovation with a Vision, focused on to stimulate the youth and channelize their energy towards tackling challenges as they explore the world of technical inventions.

Innovision was completely handled by MSc.IT/CS Department current part 1 and part 2 students and supported by MSc.IT/CS Department faculty.

Student Secretary : Priyanka Dandekar (Msc I.T. part II) / Akhilesh Basu (Msc C.S part II)

The Department Heads:

HR Sreenidhi Udaykumar
Finance Rakhi nair and Sharifa Bhaiji
Event management Rakhi nair
Creatives Jyoti darne
Marketing Ganesh Anandraj
PR Deepika Kasbale
Designing Prathamesh

Innovision had active participation of 55 volunteers from part1 and part2 of M.Sc.IT/CS Department.

The Exel Pre Event took place on 26th of November, 2014. The event was a huge success with the unveiling of the 2014-15 theme RETRO.

Event Sponsors : IMFS KP singh, Lakshya Academy, Krushna Bhojanalay, Roadway.

Events : Google search, name it, I code, error hunt, blind typing master, quiz, Lan Gaming (CS,NFS,FIFA), minute to win it, pic it, dancing matrices, dizzy stick, box cricket.

Seminars : There were 2 seminars organized by Lakshya Academy and K.P singh’s IMFS which was held on 3rd feb and 11th feb respectively.

The highlight of this year’s Innovision was “BOX CRICKET” - cricket with a slight twist where the SIES GST PPT boys came as winners and NAME IT – were image had to be decoded onto a meaningful word. The participants not only enjoyed the game but also appreciated the efforts of the organizing committe to come ahead with such interesting ideas. Some of the other striking events were Pic-It and Google Search, Dancing Matrices and Dizzy stick. For the cyber gaming fans the department had arranged LAN games like NFS-Most Wanted, CS1.6 and FIFA09.

The festival ended with honouring the young minds by appreciating fresh talents and efforts taken to make the festival a grand success.


Ms. SUREKHA KOHLE                                                           Dr. SWATI VITKAR

INNOVISION TEACHER INCHARGE                                   MSc(IT/CS) CO-ORDINATOR


Exel is not only about entertainment but we also believe in contributing to the society. To support this motive Exel came up with cleanliness drive- LETS CLEAN which took place near Vashi Railway Station. There was a great response from our volunteers and support from teachers which helped in accomplishment of the cause.