Achievements 2016-2017

 Students of SIES college participated in 8th Mumbai District Wushu Championship 2016, which was held on 23rd Saturday at St.Joseph High School, Vikhroli.

Winners were

1) Mahesh Thevar TYBcom won 4 gold medals.

2) Subblaxmi Thevar FYBAF won 3 gold medals.

3) Yash Sharma FYJC won 1 gold medal

4) Niranjan Choudhary FYJC won 1 bronze medal.

Total we got 8 Gold Medals and 1 bronze medal and acquired 4th place overall.

 Viraj Prabhu Ashish Participated in the Tenth State level swimming tournament2016-17 held at pune, Secured First Place in 100 mts free style, Second place in 100 mts brest stroke.

 Students of SIES College participated in 1st Thane District Wushu Championship 2016, which was held on 7th August Sunday at C.B.D.Belapur.

Winners were:

1) Mahesh Thevar                         TYBcom                   1 Gold medal

2) Subblaxmi Thevar                    FYBAF                    1 Gold medal

3) Yash Sharma                             FYJC                       1 Gold medal

4) Niranjan Choudhary                FYJC                       1 Gold medal

5)Sriram Shivkumar                     FYJC                       1 Gold medal

6) Bangera Girish                          FYBSC (CS)           1 Gold medal

7) Ashutosh Singh                          FYJC                       1 Gold medal

8) Adarsh Jha                                 SYBFM                   1 Gold medal

9)Shaliesh devadiga                       FYBBI                     1 Gold medal

10)Anshul Tiwari                           FYBBI                     1 silver medal

11) Unnati gamble                        TYBcom                   1 silver medal

12)Rishu Sharma                          M.Sc.Cs 1                 1 silver medal

13) Praveen Kumar                      FYJC                         1 bronze medal


Total we got 9 Gold Medals; 3 silver medals and 1 Bronze Medal....and acquired 3rd place overall

 INTER COLLEGIATE SWIMMING 2016-17 conducted by University of Mumbai on 19 & 20 August 2016 at Charni road

1)Viraj Prabha FYBMS - 50 m free style (1st), 100 m free style (1st), 50 m Breast stroke (3rd) 50 m butterfly stroke (1st)

2) Shubham Rawal FYBSC (IT) - 50 m Breast stroke (5th), 100 m Breast stroke (2nd) and 200 m Breast stroke bronze


 DSO (District level) CHESS U/19 2016-17 ...held at NHP Aroli. Junior College College held on 27th August 2016.timing 8.30 to 8pm.

1) Harsh Ghag SYJC (First Place)

2) Tejas P FYJC (Third Place)

 VIRAJ PRABHU of FYBMS - Participate in Maharashtra state Amateur Aquatic Association

78th Senior State Aquatic Championship 2016 (Held at Balewadi Pune)

Achievements: 1st place in 50 m butterfly stroke, 3rd place in 50 m Breast stroke, 1st place in 100 m free style, 2nd place for 4x50 m mix freestyle relay and 1st place for 50 m freestyle

Total of 3 gold; 1 sliver; 2 bronze.

DSO Boys Badminton tournament at NMSA Vashi....

SIES College achieved second place

Participant were:

1) Friday Aurora

2) Gaurang Naik

3) Rishikesh Kulkarni

4) Deep Pherwani

State level Wushu Championship which was held on 25-29 August 2016 at Varada Winners were:

1)Mahesh Thevar TYBcom 1 Gold medal 2 bronze

2) Subblaxmi Thevar FYBAF 2 Gold medal

3) Yash Sharma FYJC 1 Gold medal

4) Niranjan Choudhary FYJC 1 Silver medal

 DSO Boxing Zonal Match held from 10 to 12 Sept 2016 at Dahravi Sriram Shivkumar FYJC won 3rd place

Junior College Football Team


Trek to Matheran Conducted by Bosco Adventure Foundation

 Mayuri Mangesh Potale of TYBcom participated in the KARMAVEER MARATHON run for quality education on 18/09/2016 and secured Second place.Organized by Modern School, Vashi.


 DSO (State level) CHESS U/19...held at District School Raigad on 14th September 2016 Harsh Ghag from SYJC (Second Place)

 DSO Carrom Competition at St.Xavier’s School Airoli


 DSO Wushu championship which was held on 2nd Oct 2016 at Thane.

  • Yash Sharma FYJC First place
  • Niranjan Choudhary FYJC First place
  • Sriram Shivkumar FYJC First place
  • Ashutosh Singh FYJC First place
  • Praveen Kumar FYJC Second place

Wushu States held at 1)Yash Sharma 1st 2)Niranjan Choudhary 2nd 3)Sriram Shivkumar 3rd



Nikhil Verma FYBMS Lawn Tennis


VIRAJ PRABHU of FYBMS Secured first place in 4 X 50 freestyle relay In Senior National Championship which was held from 24 th to 28 th Sept at Ranchi


Degree College Football team won three rounds at inter – colligate


DSO Yoga Competition held at Euro School Airoli Komal palve SYJC Komal Karkhile FYJC Both selected for zonal match.


Harsh Ghag SYJC National Level Gold medal for chess held at Hyderabad


Degree College Handball team Won two matches and reached quarter finals


DSO Volleyball Competition Girls team Runner up


DSO Volleyball Boys team


DSO Lawn Tennis Junior College C.L.Shivraman Secured first Place


Savjas Pawar FYBMM Squash player Degree College


DSO Wushu Zonal Winners Junior College on 16/10/16

  1. Yash Sharma First place
  2. Niranjan Choudhary First place
  3. Sriram Shivkumar Second place
  4. Ashutosh Singh Third place


Congrats to the winner of State level Wushu championship which was held on 19th to 21 Oct 2016 at warda.

  1. Yash Sharma FYJC Bronze medal
  2. Niranjan Choudhary FYJC Gold medal