The College Library was set up in the year 1998. The Library had an initial collection of 400 books and they catered to the Course. As the number of courses grew the library collection too has kept pace. The library caters to all the undergraduate & post graduate courses conducted by the college. The College Library has correspondingly tried to build up a collection suited to each of these courses. Over the years, it has emerged as the sole repository of the syllabus books. T he collection includes reference books and the mandatory text books. It also includes books & even encyclopedias on environment, management, television, journalism, video production, politics & history. An eclectic collection of fiction, non-fiction books has also been built up.

The library currently has a total of over 35000 books and 51 journals / periodicals published at state and national levels that encourages both regular learning and research activities in the college campus. The collection is increased every academic year to keep pace with growing user needs. It is also kept up-to-date and incorporates changing technologies. The library is spread over the area of approximately 2624 sq. feet with the seating capacity of approximately 150 students. The library also has special seating arrangements for physically challenged learners and staff in the faculty area. It also has a research centre with 8 computers for staff and students. The library is further equipped with desktop computers, Kindle E -readers and internet connectivity. There is also space for reprographic facility.The institution is continuously updating the collection of books, research journals and periodicals for the benefit of the staff and students. OPAC facility is also available on the computers allotted for staff and students. Users may browse through the collection via an open access system. There is also a very good collection of over 2000 reference books which is maintained separately. Soft copies of the latest question papers are also made available to users. Document scanning is also done in the library. Bound volumes of important journals and magazines can also be referred to by the users. The reading room is fully air conditioned. The daily user attendance is maintained by an attendance scanner. For the benefit of faculty and students, the library committee organizes information literacy programs every year and thus creates awareness. User satisfaction is thus a priority for the library.

Library Services

    The Library is open to students and staff from 8am to 6.30pm ( Monday – Friday ) on all working days
  • Fully open access system
  • 51 Magazines ( periodicals / journals ) ( with back volumes )
  • SPSS package for faculty research work
  • Subscription to the N LIST / Informatics E Journals package
  • Automated Attendance monitoring system
  • Additional Library Cards for toppers
  • Over 1400 CDs
  • Library software with online catalogue for students & faculty
  • Property counter for students
  • Perforated display board for library statistics
  • Institutional repository of faculty research work
  • Additional library cards also for PG students,economically weaker students,regular library users
  • Book bank facility for students who are financially weak
  • Display rack for new arrivals
  • Air conditioned reading room
  • Ample reading space
  • Caters to all the U.G & P.G courses, JC
  • Archive of all the college events in the form of CDS/albums/all syllabi
  • Projects of earlier batches maintained for reference
  • Separate printer for faculty
  • CCTV cameras for security purpose
  • space seperately provided for physically challenged students and faculty
  • Library Orientation for First Year students
  • Lamination Machine for library cards & Spiral Binding Machine
  • OPAC facility
  • Internet,Wi Fi & Kindle E Readers for users
  • Display of trophies
  • Seperate sections for books on Competitive exams, Marathi & Hindi literature, Fiction & Non fiction books & Tamil books
  • Question paper sets ( yearwise ) of all the streams available for reference & photocopying for students/faculty & soft copy of the same
  • Subject sets of the question papers for faculty reference/issue
  • Separate study centre area with internet for faculty members/students with additional 8 PCs for academic & research work
  • Scanning facility for documents
  • Photocopier facility for staff & students

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Magazines ( Periodicals / Journals )




Project Reports




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