Parents-Teachers Association 2016-17

ANNUAL PTA MEET - 17.9.2016

The confluence of the minds, of two of the most imperative factors of a student's life, was what could be seen at the Annual PTA meet, organised by the PTA Committee on the 17th of September 2016. This occasion had many students mesmerised and awe struck at the thoughts of having their two diverse worlds coming face to face, the parents walking in with an air of humility, admiration and assurance at the well placed educational institution and the teachers eager to leave no stones unturned in their venture to make their time worthwhile.

The ambience was set both vibrant and pleasant with valuable efforts and the charms of the hosts Prof. Abhishek Dhandekar and Prof. Meghna Bhatia. The meet commenced by lighting of the lamp by respected Principal Prof.Koel Roy Choudhury, the Convener of the committee Prof. Anu Thomas and Prof. B.Indumathi, a member of the Committee.

Prof. Anu Thomas welcomed the gathering. She highlighted the fact that a co-ordinated effort on the part of teachers, parents and the wards to handle the IQ and EQ of the students has been the supreme agenda of the PTA committee since its inception in 2012. The Principal Prof Koel Roy Choudhury directed her message towards excellence in education stating that students received by the institution have been of calibre, and also spoke on building upon such calibre in the next five years with much needed parental cooperation.

The event proceeded to its spotlight, the communication of achievements of the Institution which was presented by Prof Vasanti Rajyadaksha for which the audience was seen actively listening and taking note . Beginning with the NAAC re-accreditation of the college with A grade in 2015 which was due to combined efforts of management, teachers, students and parents, the presentation strived to smoothly tide through all parameters such as the steady enhancement in academic performance of students, increased practical exposure , acquisitions in the qualifications of teachers and their progress in research skill development. It also showcased the development of non teaching staff in the terms of improved qualifications and the financial incentives and learning opportunities offered by the Management. Further the presentation led through the lines of add on courses provided and the various committee performances with special mention of the laurels achieved by the sports and cultural committees.

Prof. Bhumika More discussed the future plans of the college which included international conferences, industrial collaborations, competitions on research paper presentation, inter college student exchange and many more .

The floor was then set to a cultural treat by the performances of the students which had the parents mesmerized at their elegance and the plethora of talent within the treasure trove of SIES.

The next aspect was an interactive session between the parents and the faculty members. The strict adherence to rules and discipline in college premises was much appreciated by the parents.The conversation also inclined towards socially relevant subjects such as gender discriminations which are adequately addressed by the College. The interaction was inclusive of some crackles and light hearted moments .

The programme was concluded by a vote of thanks by Prof. Arti Bansode acknowledging the faculty and parents and thanking them for their appreciation showered upon the organizers and college authorities from time to time.

The meet as well as the journey of the Institution could well be summarized by quoting William A Foster. “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”