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Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden or Biowall is a structure developed to grow plants vertically.

Biowall is a creative Urban Garden Technique used for growing plants in small space. Vertical garden not only contributes in beautification of the space but also helps in reducing carbon footprint of a building by removing air pollutants, which helps in improving air quality.

In addition to this the plants also absorb heat and reduce the level of temperature inside the building. SIES (Nerul) College of Arts Science and Commerce has undertaken various activities like tree plantation and beautification of the campus through various drives.

Vertical garden of 32sq ft has been set up in the month of February 2020, at the entrance of the college building. Air purifying plants like Pothos, Spider pant species has been used in vertical garden. This is maintained by Conservation club and department of Environmental Science.


Composting of organic waste is an essential part of waste management system. Biocomposting Project of the Nirmalya generated by SIES (Nerul) Campus Temple was initiated by the Conservation Club of SIES (Nerul) College of Arts; Science &Commerce Thane based NGO "Envirovigil”. The main objective of the project is to convert waste into a useful resource. The temple waste (flowers, garlands and offerings) which otherwise were thrown in the municipal bin are now converted into a nutrient rich manure which can be used as a fertilizer for the plants. Two compost pits of 7×2.5×2.5 fit has been constructed at the back side of the college canteen. On 28 th March 2013 compost pit was inaugurated by Principal Dr. Rita Basu.

Conservation club of SIES (Nerul) College of Arts, Science & Commerce received biocomposting tumbler from My Green Society NGO in the month of September 2019. Composting of organic waste from college premises (temple waste and horticulture waste) in Dual Biocomposting Tumbler was initiated on 8h October 2019 on 2 nd floor of the college building.

Specifications of Biocomposting Tumbler

  • Tumbler quantity: 2 Tumbler
  • Capacity: 189 Liters *2
  • Dimensions: Width - 63in. Height- 42 in. Depth- 31.5 in. Weight- 345Kg

Temple waste and horticulture waste was generated in college premises and is being process in compost pit since then. Periodically compost was dried, sieved and analyzed in the Environmental Science Laboratory for its basic parameters like pH and water holding capacity and nutrient value like Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium. The analyzed compost then was packed into small packets. These packets are being sold in the college campus to the teaching and the non-teaching staff.

The purpose of the Bio composting project

  • Initiative towards Green Campus
  • To prevent sending of waste on dumping ground
  • To convert biodegradable waste into valuable resource
  • To inculcate waste management practices among stakeholders

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