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Mission and Vision of Student Council

"Service with pride, lead with confidence, inspired to impact lives”.

The Student Council of SIES (Nerul) College of Arts, Science & Commerce aspires to give overall development to the students of the college. Students through their journey of different activities undergo several learning processes which bring in their holistic development, in the areas of personality enhancement, communication skills, leadership, negotiation and other soft skills.

Students also develop responsible behaviors not only to themselves but also towards the society. The Student Council of the College especially emphasis on the social activities carried on by the students. Through their rigorous activities and events during their council time period, they also make themselves industry ready.

Student council of SIES develops feeling of patriotism, nationhood among the students through various activities.

The goal of Student council is to promote the sense of community within the college. Act as a voice for students along with teachers and the other members of the college, provide community service and raise funds for various cultural programs , giving opportunity to the students across Mumbai ,Navi Mumbai colleges to participate, compete & exhibit their talents.


Student council aims to bring in welfare of the underprivileged section of the society in near future, especially for the deprived tribal students in and around Maharashtra so that council members not only engage themselves in entertainment and self-growth but also develop their feelings towards the society and country.

Eligibility Criteria for Student Council Members

  • All members are nominated by Principal, Vice- Principal and Registrar in consultation with Convenor and Co-Convenor of the student council.
  • Class Representatives as well as students who excel in co-curricular activities are given preferences.
  • Students are also selected on the basis of good academic record and their class attendance.
  • Secretaries of sports committee, cultural committee, NSS, FASES, and DLLE are nominated on basis of proficiency in their particular committee.
  • Only full time bonafide students of the college are eligible for nomination.
  • Student council has also nominated Lady Representatives.

Election of General Secretary

The following students are eligible to file their nomination as General Secretary of the Council:

  • Student to be nominated shall have cleared all heads of passing in the preceding year without any backlog or ATKT.
  • Student’s name should not be in defaulter’s List.
  • Students should not have any kind of official complaints against him/her for e.g., un-fair means, disciplinary issues etc.
  • Re-admitted students are not eligible.

Students Council Events / Activities

Year Event Description Photo Gallery
2020-2021 Teachers' Day Celebration The Student Council of SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce Nerul, organized the Teachers Day celebration on 5th September 2020 through Microsoft teams amidst the COVID-19 situation. View Gallery
2020-2021 ERUDITE Conference 2020 Erudite 2020 was a virtual conference initiative arranged by IQAC in collaboration with Student council of SIES (Nerul). The event invited abstracts from participants by 23rd October 2020 and also the research papers were collected by 31st October 2020. View Gallery
2019-2020 Teachers' Day Celebration On 25th September, 2019, students of SIESASCN under the banner of Student Council celebrated Teachers Day. A special gesture of thanks giving was presented by students in the form of Classical dance and Solo singing performance. View Gallery
2019-2020 CSR "Joy of giving never fades and getting smiles in return is priceless."One-eighth of the world's population is still struggling with malnutrition and hunger.To end this war against hunger, SIESONS 2020 ,collaborated with Feeding India to take action for hunger free streets by feeding more than a hundred children at Hope Centre in Turbhe on 7th November ,2019. View Gallery
2019-2020 Leadership Programme SIES (Nerul) College of Arts, Science and Commerce IQAC and Student Council held a leadership programme for the students on 22nd October 2019. The programme convened at around 8am in the Amphitheater. The programme emphasized on the importance and values of leadership. View Gallery
2019-2020 SIESONS Premier League (SPL) SIESONS has been organizing SPL i.e SIESONS Premier League for the past two years. This year marks the 3rd anniversary of SPL. It was held on Oct 22nd, 2019. The event was graced by the presence of renowned actor Dibyendu Bhattacharya. He is best known for his role in Dev D and the web series Criminal Justice. View Gallery
2019-2020 SIESONS Theme Release SIESONS, the Annual Fest of SIES (Nerul) of Arts, Science and Commerce held their Theme Release event on 16th,December 2019. The Bollywood Actor Gopal Bedi popularly known as Ranjeet and Rj Jayman from Red FM 93.5 were also present for the event. The Theme of Siesons 2020 was AASHAYEIN- Hoslon Ki Udaan View Gallery
2019-2020 Bike Rally On 17th January,2020 Student Council ‘s SIESONS TEAM 2020 in association with Navi Mumbai Police organized a bike rally for all the girls of SIES (NERUL) COLLEGE OF ARTS, SCIENCE AND COMMERCE for road safety awareness. This bike rally was conducted to make people realize that following basic traffic rules can avoid accidents and save lives. View Gallery
2019-2020 SIESONS- Inauguration & Magazine and T-Shirt Launch On 30th January , the first day of the most awaited annual cultural fest has started with a bang! The 22nd edition of SIESONS 2020 started with its traditional inauguration by revealing the official T-shirts and the first time ever Magazine Majestic of SIESONS 2020. View Gallery
2019-2020 SIESONS- Breast Cancer Awareness On 30th January , the first day of the most awaited annual cultural fest has started with a bang! The participants were wearing a pink Ribbon signifying the support for breast cancer awareness which was the first time ever CSR activity on the day of inauguration. View Gallery
2019-2020 SIESONS- Day 1 - War of DJs with Nina Suerte On 30th January , the first day of Navi Mumbai‘s grandest fest SIESONS 2020 evening commenced with the electrifying Live event of the famous DJ Nina Suerte. View Gallery
2019-2020 SIESONS- Day 2 - Salim - Sulaiman Live Concert On 31st January, the second day of Navi Mumbai‘s grandest fest SIESONS 2020 evening commenced with the Live concert of the mesmerizing songs of the famous music directors Salim-Sulaiman. View Gallery
2019-2020 SIESONS- Day 3 - The Local Train On 1st February,2020 the grand fest of Navi Mumbai stepped onto the road to achieve the dream to make the two day fest into a three day one. he fest brought out its showstopper and its ace in the Hole by calling on India’s most amazing, melodious and entrancing band,The local train. View Gallery

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