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Mission of the institution

The South Indian Education society is very keen on following the principles it has laid for itself. The mission was set by the founder of the society, late Shri M.V Venkateshwaran in1932 which is as follows:

"This society should sincerely serve the cause of education needs of the common man of this cosmopolitan city."

So in a spirit of sincerity we,

  • Stress on high standards of academic, professional and societal performance.
  • Respond in a creative manner to a continuously changing cosmopolitan society.
  • Support cultural and ethnic diversity in the community.

Objectives of the college

To produce professionals of high caliber values to establish a truly educated cosmopolitan city so that the vision of the South Indian Education Society is translated into reality

We Seek to achieve our educational mission by

  • Strengthening the human intellects through the rule of reasoning.
  • Encouraging industry based academic interaction for knowledge based on experience.
  • Enabling the students to enhance their knowledge by providing library resources and an environment conducive to learning.
  • Imparting knowledge keeping abreast with changing technologies.

Our Motto

"Tirelessly strive towards perfection and scaling greater heights."

The students, staff and teachers, are entities who have a direct connection with the college. Hence, they are well informed and briefed about the mission and vision of the college. This constantly evokes them to work harder with sincerity and honesty, thus transmuting the dreams of the college into reality.

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